Why Roulette is a Fair Game

Roulette is a game with random outcomes. This means that the outcome of each spin of the wheel is independent of all other spins. The outcome of this spin is totally unrelated to the outcome of the previous spin and the next spin is independent of both. Each number of the wheel as the same probability of being hit on each spin. In American roulette this probability is one in thirty-eight and in European roulette this probability is one in thirty-seven. The numbers don’t make any predictable pattern so there is no way to predict the number that will result from the spinning wheel. All players have an equally chance of winning. When the game is played online, the numbers are selected by a random generator. Again, there is no pattern and every outcome is random.

One factor that can affect the outcome in a brick and mortar casino is the condition of the equipment. Anything mechanical is subject to wear and tear. The equipment begins to deteriorate due to continual use. This can introduce the element of bias into the game.  Due to wear and tear on the wheel, some numbers will begin to appear more frequently. This means they will have a greater probability of willing. This is why casinos recalibrate and replace equipment on a regular basis because bias can cost them money.