The Holy Grail for a poker player

I was speaking to a tournament player who was a regular on the circuit a few weeks ago and he remarked at how many players these days have deals with poker sites that mean that most if not all of their buy in is being funded by a card room. What a situation to be in when you know that the event is basically a freeroll. Well there are many ways to manufacture a “freeroll” in poker and being paid to play poker is the ultimate Holy Grail for many people.

Switch Poker have recently launched their new Aeroplane program in which by simply inviting “friends” to come and play at the site you then get paid 5% of their rake. So if you can find say 50 friends then you would have 50 people earning you 5% of their rake. If you could find a couple of sizeable players or a few serious full time players then it is clear to see just how much money you could make from this.

The real kicker here is that you also earn rakeback from friends that sign up their friends and so on. So if you are playing for say twenty hours per week on Switch Poker then what you are actually doing at the end of the day is providing vital liquidity for your friends and friends of friends to play poker. So you are actually earning money without even playing and how do you like the thought of making money while you are in bed fast asleep? The ultimate Holy Grail in life is to make money without having to work for it.

Once your groundwork is done so to speak then your database of “poker players” will earn money for you without you ever having to go onto the tables and risk your own money. Now how good is that?