Bingo Online Only at Game Village Bingo

Online bingo has many facets and players love the excitement that these offer. Online bingo in fact had been a welcome change from the bingo halls where people needed to go at specific times. Also though people met like minded people in the bingo halls but they were only a set of people from in and around the locality. But with online bingo all these changed and a whole new world of bingo opened up. However reliability and value for money became a major problem for most people. Bingo lovers either were not happy with the game offers or were not were comfortable with the transaction methods available.

But all was not lost as, soon some bingo sites began to be launched which could be relied upon and they also offered some mind blowing games- unique and thrilling. One such online bingo site is Game Village Bingo. This site was launched in 2007 and started to operate on their proprietary software. They soon became a rage with their unique games, amazing chat hosts, mind blowing pay out ration, their bingo community and of course the much loved bingo radio.

Bingo Online

The recent change: Yes friends, GameVillage Bingo went through a massive facelift around the end of 2014 and the site now looks classy and chic. Purple and pink hues adorn the site and it looks. Also they moved to the Cozy Games software just raising eye-brows. But all that settled once it was understood that their move to a different software has changed nothing apart from the layout of the site. The unique games, offers and everything else remained just the same. In fact they introduced the 80 ball bingo game as well with this move.

Mind blowing Promotions: GameVillage Bingo is known for their unique promotional offers. These are absolutely different and to be a part of these you need to be only at GameVillage and no where else. This bingo site offers a 400% bonus just for a deposit of a fives. Then there are the other two bonus offers – a 200% on the 2nd deposit and a 300% on the 3rd. They offer monthly and weekly promotions which would keep all you bingo lovers perked up through out. Well it’s not possible to mention each of their amazing promotional offers but here’s a couple of them which we though is a must for all bingo lovers to indulge in. There’s Mine’s a Treble where you can win one game in Speed Bingo, Elimination Bingo and Darts on the same day and claim £10 in free cards. All correct claims will also go in a draw to win one of five prizes of £50 in bingo bonus at the end of the month. There’s the new 50 ball bingo which you can play in their revamped Chip Van Bingo room. It’s here that you can claim up to £100 on your losses.

Bingo Radio: This is a very special feature of this online bingo site. You can listen to your favourite hits while you are playing bingo. Also they have a resident player who would play live music every Friday giving the lovers of bingo online something exclusive to indulge in.