A Couple of Advantages for Gambling Operators to Base Elsewhere

If you’ve spent some time gambling online, you’ll probably notice that many operators are registered abroad. If you haven’t noticed, take a look at their company details or address on their websites and you’ll notice that the majority are offshore. In this post we’re going to share some of the advantages that UK and other international operators use for setting up elsewhere.

Savings Lots of Money on Taxes

Certainly the most desired outcome to registering abroad can be the massive amounts of money saved in taxes. There are plenty of operators that register their business in Jersey – which has become a hub for gambling operators. They take advantage of the system which doesn’t charge VAT, stamp duty or capital gains tax.

The result of these tax savings means more cash flow for operations, and a greater profit for the owners. The beauty in registering in Jersey is that they can still target UK customers too.

Less Operational Costs

The 2nd reason for moving offshore can be the savings in operational costs. A business moving to a cheaper part of the world can save massive sums of money. Consider rental prices in London versus a Eastern Europe? Or consider the average staffing costs in Canada vs India? These are just a few examples to illustrate that a trusted online casino Malaysia can increase profits and continue to offer excellent services.

In the modern era everything is digital. We’re all speaking the common language of English and remote working is heavily prevalent. Therefore, where the company is actually registered is less important than even a few decades ago. After all, how often do you visit the premises of a gambling platform? Never.


As you can see, the underlying reasons behind registering overseas is bottom line profit. Provided the gambling operator can provide an excellent service to customers, there’s no reason not to set up abroad. Fortunately, most authorities can still impose themselves internationally so they are still heavily regulated which means our money is still safe with the trusted casinos.

Image Source: Pexels