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Bingo Online Only at Game Village Bingo

Online bingo has many facets and players love the excitement that these offer. Online bingo in fact had been a welcome change from the bingo halls where people needed to go at specific times. Also though people met like minded people in the bingo halls but they were only a set of people from in and around the locality. But with online bingo all these changed and a whole new world of bingo opened up. However reliability and value for money became a major problem for most people. Bingo lovers either were not happy with the game offers or were not were comfortable with the transaction methods available.

But all was not lost as, soon some bingo sites began to be launched which could be relied upon and they also offered some mind blowing games- unique and thrilling. One such online bingo site is Game Village Bingo. This site was launched in 2007 and started to operate on their proprietary software. They soon became a rage with their unique games, amazing chat hosts, mind blowing pay out ration, their bingo community and of course the much loved bingo radio.

Bingo Online

The recent change: Yes friends, GameVillage Bingo went through a massive facelift around the end of 2014 and the site now looks classy and chic. Purple and pink hues adorn the site and it looks. Also they moved to the Cozy Games software just raising eye-brows. But all that settled once it was understood that their move to a different software has changed nothing apart from the layout of the site. The unique games, offers and everything else remained just the same. In fact they introduced the 80 ball bingo game as well with this move.

Mind blowing Promotions: GameVillage Bingo is known for their unique promotional offers. These are absolutely different and to be a part of these you need to be only at GameVillage and no where else. This bingo site offers a 400% bonus just for a deposit of a fives. Then there are the other two bonus offers – a 200% on the 2nd deposit and a 300% on the 3rd. They offer monthly and weekly promotions which would keep all you bingo lovers perked up through out. Well it’s not possible to mention each of their amazing promotional offers but here’s a couple of them which we though is a must for all bingo lovers to indulge in. There’s Mine’s a Treble where you can win one game in Speed Bingo, Elimination Bingo and Darts on the same day and claim £10 in free cards. All correct claims will also go in a draw to win one of five prizes of £50 in bingo bonus at the end of the month. There’s the new 50 ball bingo which you can play in their revamped Chip Van Bingo room. It’s here that you can claim up to £100 on your losses.

Bingo Radio: This is a very special feature of this online bingo site. You can listen to your favourite hits while you are playing bingo. Also they have a resident player who would play live music every Friday giving the lovers of bingo online something exclusive to indulge in.


The Holy Grail for a poker player

I was speaking to a tournament player who was a regular on the circuit a few weeks ago and he remarked at how many players these days have deals with poker sites that mean that most if not all of their buy in is being funded by a card room. What a situation to be in when you know that the event is basically a freeroll. Well there are many ways to manufacture a “freeroll” in poker and being paid to play poker is the ultimate Holy Grail for many people.

Switch Poker have recently launched their new Aeroplane program in which by simply inviting “friends” to come and play at the site you then get paid 5% of their rake. So if you can find say 50 friends then you would have 50 people earning you 5% of their rake. If you could find a couple of sizeable players or a few serious full time players then it is clear to see just how much money you could make from this.

The real kicker here is that you also earn rakeback from friends that sign up their friends and so on. So if you are playing for say twenty hours per week on Switch Poker then what you are actually doing at the end of the day is providing vital liquidity for your friends and friends of friends to play poker. So you are actually earning money without even playing and how do you like the thought of making money while you are in bed fast asleep? The ultimate Holy Grail in life is to make money without having to work for it.

Once your groundwork is done so to speak then your database of “poker players” will earn money for you without you ever having to go onto the tables and risk your own money. Now how good is that?


Are “Chickens” and “Squirrels” a Good Pokies

If you are a fan of the huge variety of pokies, regardless of whether you prefer to play online or in a land-based venue, you are probably familiar with different pokies strategies which can potentially help you improve your play. First, it is worth mentioning that you should consider only strategies and advice aimed at helping you to improve your budget management skills, and not those that can supposedly help you predict hot and cold pokies cycles. So, here we will take a look at the “chickens” strategy, and its variation, “the squirrel”, and explore whether they are a good strategy choice for pokies players.

Generally, the “chickens” strategy is quite popular among the players who like enjoying themselves with the pokies and its casinos offer. The “chickens” strategy was developed for the benefit of players in land-based pubs and casinos, but it is possible to apply it when playing online as well. In principle, with the “chickens” strategy, you need to split your money into several smaller amounts. Then, you play with each amount on one pokies machine (or online pokies game, respectively), and move to another one when the amount is over. When playing with each of those smaller amounts, you can apply whatever other system you want – up the steps, pattern play, etc. This is what makes the “chickens” strategy different from the “hit and run” betting system, where you are not allowed to increase your wager.

As for the “squirrel”, it is also popular among those players who enjoy the different pokies casinos has in store. With this more aggressive variation of the “chickens” strategy, you need to stick to a pokies machine or a game as long as you are winning.

pokies strategi

So, considering that the “chickens” strategy provides some gaming variety, it is good for players who happen to be feeling more adventurous. Since it allows you to apply different secondary strategies, it will make your game more varied and interesting. Nevertheless, it requires careful budget planning and is perhaps a better choice for players with a larger bankroll.

The “squirrel” variation on the other hand, is not as good pokies strategy choice. In principle, it relies on the fact that the player has entered a “hot” pokies machine cycle and that is why it requires the player to stick to the pokies machine or game in question. And yet, pokies are based on a random number generation, which has made it impossible for payout cycles to exist. In consequence, sticking to a pokies game only because it has paid several times in a row does not make that much sense, especially if you think that the game is not fun.

So, when thinking about adopting a pokies strategy when playing the exciting game of online pokies, make sure that it will suit your gambling session budget. In addition, stick only to those betting systems which recommend some sort of a money management plan and stay away from any strategy based on the pokies payout cycle myth.


Online Casino Guide

Every reliable casino site has a “Getting Started” section. This can be valuable information for someone new to online gambling and even for a veteran who is a first-time visitor to a new casino. But there are always some items that are not covered in the virtual casino information. These facts may not be evident in the section that tells the visitor who is behind a certain online casino. That’s when you can turn to our online casino guide for details about how to choose, how to pay, and how to play.

Reliable Licensing For safe and trustworthy oversight, check for this licensing information: Kahnawake, a Canadian organization; UK and Isle of Man; Antiqua, Netherlands Antilles, Gibraltar. In some cases it is safe to go with Norfolk Island and Costa Rica. It’s a good idea to look for the eCOGRA label, which is the signature of eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. Caution is always the byword. If the site doesn’t offer licensing information in a noticeable way, try another casino. Always, always read the terms, guidelines, conditions etc. before committing any money. If the company and the casino have nothing to hide, you will be able to find and read any information you need, without a lot of work.

Know your Software That may sound too complicated. But, as with the company behind the overall casino, it is important to at least be familiar with the companies that produce the gaming programs. Among those software companies you should look for are Playtech and Microgaming (new Viper software). You may be able to add one or two others to the list.

Compare Casino Bonus Offers and Promotions The key here is to shop around. Of course, you can rely on our online casino guide and reviews to help you choose. When you find a bonus or introductory promotion you are interested in, take some time to read and understand exactly what you are getting. Then, read it again. Many casinos will advertise their casino bonuses and matching offers as 100 percent up to a certain amount. But you won’t necessarily get your entire bonus as soon as you drop the money into your new account. For example, Roxy Palace casino simply gives you credit for $50 if you deposit $50 or $100 if you deposit $100. Others might give a 100 percent match up to 200 credits and then match a percentage of your deposits over a year’s time. Most top online casinos offer excellent bonus and promotion programs, but try to understand the differences.

Deposit & Withdrawal Make use of the deposit and withdrawal options provided by the top, reliable sites. Systems such as NETeller and FirePay generally work well. You can look into Click2Pay, which works with U.S., Canadian, Euros and pounds, as does Moneybookers. Others, such as Click and Buy only work with Euros and pounds. Tip: Determine whether the deposit method works for U.S. residents. Some services indicate they accept U.S. dollars but are not available to U.S. residents. Read More


Online Casino Tips

Find the most patronised casinos on the Internet by visiting Some of the casinos there are offering great bonuses for your favorite online casino games. It`s also a great online gambling destination for fans of all other types of online casinos.

The best casinos believes in giving best to their customer. If you see the software that they are using is very client friendly easy to access and easy to install, you have the winner. One of the best software that are powering amazing casinos is Playtech. Find out which casinos are using that software by visiting

You can also read about special bonuses and knowledge for the particular game if you are playing for the first time. There are other online games that do require skill, like online poker or blackjack, and once again knowledge will be power and possibly extra cash in your pocket.


The Best Site for Playing Sic Bo Could Only Be a Click Away

Are you thinking about getting deeper into the world of casino gambling online, but you’re just not sure what type of game you’re honestly going to play? It’s time to really go over your options. You have a lot of different choices for games, when you really think about it. No, we’re not talking about something like spades, or poker, or even blackjack. You’ve been playing those games. If you’re bored, you need something a little different.

What about sic bo? Indeed, the best site for playing sic bo online could be right under your nose. Sic bo is a game that has an interesting history to it. It’s been around for a while and focuses on using three dice. There’s a payout table for the game, along with very specific rules. It’s popular in Macau, but it’s now making a splash online.

You can make a lot of different bets, from small, big, and a total of 4 and 17. This is like craps on overdrive, because you have to think about that 3rd die that’s involved.

All you have to do is let the dealer take charge. The dealer will actually roll the dice for you, leaving you to just bet. If you don’t make your wager, then you step back and the dealer pays out only the people that have won.

There are quite a few videos on YouTube that describe sic bo in detail, so make sure that you pick those up as well.

But back to our main point: you need to break up the boredom. Why not look for a site that offers sic bo? Even if you don’t like the game after a while, there’s nothing that says that you can’t have a great time doing something else at the new casino. Don’t ignore the fact that when you move to a new casino you’re going to be surrounding yourself with new people that really want to talk to you. They want to get to know you. After all, you definitely have a common interest that they’re also intrigued by. You both like to gamble, and you never know — they might have recommendations on other games that you could play to pass the time.

All of these games are going to be played for real money, which is a big deal. As long as you focus on the money that you can make, how could you go wrong? Good luck with your upcoming exploration for sic bo casino rooms!


Fast, Safe Way to Detect Crappy Gambling Systems in 2 Seconds Flat

It never fails. Every 1.3 seconds there’s a “new” gambling system released for craps, sports betting, poker, roulette, etc. But you know what? I’ve got a super easy way to quickly dump bad systems in under two seconds flat.

While there might be thousands of gambling systems out there, a large majority all have one thing in common. And this one thing shows up time and time again. In fact, this one thing will suck the cash out of your pocket faster than the IRS and a Hoover vacuum. Beware.

From the time I went into the gaming business I’ve seen countless people run up to the tables and proceed to play some new system to beat the game. And just about every time their “can’t miss” gambling system had the same crappy foundation.

So what am I talking about? It’s the Martindale method. You know, bet $2, lose, bet $3 or $4, lose and so on. Here’s a secret. Las Vegas and online casinos LOVE this method. They know that while you might win a little, it takes just ONE loss to wipe you out.

Look, the real secret to enjoying yourself and winning often is VALUE. Remember that. If you’re betting $100 to win $10, you’re the biggest sucker in the world. The second you’re laying more money than you’ll get back in profit, you’re losing value. It’s very, very hard to win consistently when you’re giving up value.

How to dump losing gambling systems fast. It’s real simple. If the system requires you to INCREASE your wager when you LOSE then you have a very, very poor gambling system in front of you. Do yourself a favor and dump it fast.

If anything, you want to increase your wagers when you’re winning. Duh. I know of many loser gamblers in Las Vegas and every single one of them suffers from the “I’ll get it all back” syndrome.

Remember, always get value with your wagers.

You can enjoy yourself and win at Vegas and online casinos without doing this nonsense.


Top 5 Casinos

Here’s OUR Top 5! If you were to choose any one of these online casinos you would certainly enjoy a great ,and more importantly, secure gambling experience. These casinos have made it into the Top 5 by having great player benefits with good payout terms, excellent bonus schemes, good software, safe and secure money transfers, and above all an enjoyable environment to have fun and maybe make some money!

1. InterCasino

Intercasino (UK) was launched few years ago but they have been operating very successfully outside the UK for some time. Amazing software with multiplayer functionality means you can almost feel the casino carpet under your feet and share the experience with friends too. The selection of games is vast and there are always great promotions and bonuses handed out by the casino manager Jane Bentley if you meet her in one of the rooms. They currently offer a free stake every month which gives you something to play with without breaking the bank ( – remember always to read and understand the conditions). They have great slots with big jackpots….but as with all the big cash payouts…your sort of chasing the dream. Payment methods include all the usual cards Mastercard, Visa and Switch…we recommend using a debit card over a credit card. They have good contact information in place; try or or 0800 24679261 (freephone line)

2. William Hill Casino

William Hill ….the name is instantly recognisable and well respected in the gambling world. The Online Casino has been around for many years now and services a lot of satisfied players. It uses the same software as Intercasino i.e. it offers the multiplayer options that allow for a lot of fun in the playing room. A huge array of games and excellent graphics add to the quality of the casino. They also run Casino Tournaments (poker and blackjack included) that you can enter for a small fee. Of course, being William Hill you get the added benefits of being able to flick between sports betting and the casino and also make use of payouts from their high street branches (there’s always one just round the corner). William Hill offer good bonuses and free stake money for new clients but make sure you know the deal on how much you have to wager before you get the bonus. Always read the small print. One thing you know with a brand like this is that when you win, you get paid…in fact they guarantee it within 24 hours. All the usual payment/payout vehicles exist in UK pounds/dollars and euros. Here is a great William Hill Casino Review for your to read.

3. 32 Red Casino

32 Red Casino offers a great playing experience. Check out the dealer… you recognise the voice? Licensed out of Gibraltar this casino is very UK PLAYER friendly with all the usual games plus a host of alternatives. THE POKER ROOM atmosphere is great too. They have been showered with awards recently and really are right up there in terms of providing a superb gaming experience. Price Waterhouse currently review all transactions deposits/payout times etc. so you can rest assured you’ll be looked after. Also it has to be noted that communication with 32 Red is easy and open 24/7. This seems to be an important feature with them and openness like this is a bonus when attracting new players. Talking of bonuses, they offer some great deals for new players as well as looking after their regulars. You can make email contact with the Support Team/Accounts/General Enquiries from the site. Email the Pitboss for gaming advice. Calls from the UK 0808 180 3232 (freephone). All the usual payment/payout exist in UK pounds/dollars and euros.

4. Ritz Casino

OK, we are going upmarket now…. ever wanted to play at the Ritz? Well, now you can from your armchair! This is a high class site and all their players are well looked after with first class 24 hour support and easy banking facilities. They are using the latest Cryptologic software (as do most we recommend) which means you get a fantastic gaming experience. The multiplayer games are great fun allowing you to communicate with other players via live chat. They also run a sportsbook so can check this facility out too. As you would expect, there are loyalty bonuses and other benefits. There’s a point system for all games that will build up to be turned into cash for you to spend. Always make sure you understand all terms and conditions. Support freephone (UK) 0800 3892768 email All the usual payment/payout facilities exist in UK pounds.

5. Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes is another instantly recognisable brand which is big in the online casino world. Not much needs to be said regarding their reputation, certainly as far as UK players are concerned. They have been around for ever and they ain’t going any where soon. There is a great selection of games (loads without the need to download) and the full casino programme is huge with more features added all the time. Loads of bonus schemes as well, including 100% start up bonus for new players. As you would imagine, the banking and pay out side is monitored independently and offers UK pounds/dollars and euros plus others.


How to Get Rich from Poker

You adopt different professions for earning a huge amount of money and fame. You will be amazed by knowing that the Poker casino game can let you win thousands of dollars. Are you eager to know that how this will happen? It is quite easy and simple process. You just have to decide that what your purpose of playing poker game is? Whether you want to play for recreation or you want to adopt it as a profession to earn money?

A significant step is to decide about your career option. If you want to earn the money through poker tournaments then you must devote your full time attention in learning about strategies of games. Like other jobs, it will also require your full efforts and time. You must ensure that you have proper source of income for supporting your this goal.

Every profession requires some initial investment. Keep some money aside for betting in poker games. You must have continual source of income for supporting your playing expenses. Money will grab the money. You have to invest some little amount as a bet. You must also need to learn all the techniques of betting. This will dictate your success.

Casino games; are no doubt a game of chance. But it does not mean that all of them are based of luck. Games like Poker are strategic games and it requires you to be a perfect player. Only trained and experienced players can win the huge prize amount. Secondly, you also need to keep your eye open for the tournaments that are explained on the daily basis by many online websites. You can enroll yourself in these tournaments and can try your luck.

Patience is a key to poker playing. Remember, that it is not necessary to achieve break through at the first attempt. All the steps must have to be adopted strategically. It is also possible that the player opposite to you is professional and he knows strategies of game. Practice the game as much as possible. Initiate with free playing. You can choose different software and websites to practice the free games. Once you get experience and know what strategies to be adopted while playing; now the time is to play for the jackpots and the tournaments.

If you still have doubts and you want to adopt poker games as your career, you must need to take advice from senior poker player or poker consultant. They will guide you about poker strategies and will also tell you that how can you survive in poker world. They will also inform you about tournaments and betting techniques. With the help of these professionals, you can write your success story and ensure high earning each month.


Currency and Offshore Betting

If you are betting in an offshore casino then you need to be aware that the currency could be different to your own. This should not be a problem but you should spend some time learning about it first.

It is wise to calculate the exchange rate so you know how much you are actually betting. You will also need to exchange currency when you are crediting and debiting your account with them and that may cost extra money and so it is worth checking out the terms and conditions of this.

Betting in a different currency, is a great opportunity to learn more about that currency. You will find out how much it is worth and things like that which could be great fun and add a new dimension to your game. If you are not sure about the currency and how much it is worth etc, then you should be able to find out online by looking it up somewhere. If not then you could email the support on the gambling website and they should be able to tell you and let you know how the currency exchange works and how much they charge for that.

The idea of them charging, may put you off completely, but it may still work out better than a casino using your own currency. It may be difficult to calculate but if you look at the odds and the bonuses you should be able to compare them easily. It may take a bit of time and effort but it could be well worth it if you can get better deposit matching or free games or whatever. There are some great deals out there and it is a good idea to make sure that you take advantage of them if you want to gamble on line.